This song was named after Swedish pop group Army Of Lovers. Massive Luxury Overdose was the title of their most successful album. However, they did not have a SONG with that title, so maybe they should do a cover version of ours. I would totally love to hear that.
So why name this song after an outlandish Eurodance collective? No special reason really, other than that the title fit the lyrics perfectly and ‘Crucified’ is just an awesome song. Guilty pleasures,… got to love them.

However silly the backstory behind the title may be, the content of this song is quite serious. The lyrics are about the effects that technology, perticularly the internet, have on our modern day life. We’ve got this whole wide world at our fingertips, an infinite data stream of information, with limitless potential. Still we just seem to graze the surface and then rush on to the next thing. We seem to no longer be able to see the forest for the trees. Perhaps having less options makes us appreciate what we have a little more. 3 verses deal with 3 sides of this concept: Data/media, social interactions and music consumption. So don’t browse this blog,… take your time to READ it.

Massive Luxury Overdose.

Information will find its way
I can see almost everything everyday
Feels like I’m flooding my senses –So passions drown
Whatever happened to that thirst to explore?
What ever happened to the need to see, knowing more?
These means have dulled the advances –So tear it down

A nostalgia for the fire
Presence is taken away
By modern day technology –We’re led astray

Take a breath to be taken away
Too much love, it will kill you, they say
Don’t forget to process information –Does not compute
There’s no need to decide on first look
Try to see past the cover of books
Take some time to explore our relations –Misunderstood

A nostalgia for the fire
Presence is taken away
By modern day sociology –Move past the cliché
A nostalgia for the fire
Overdose won’t stimulate
But fade away in apathy –We’re led astray

Through all the days
I’m trying so hard
To pace this craving
For infinity

Every album needs time to grow
What little songs that I, way back then, got to know
They are still my favorite existing –Integral parts
Why down another album each day
How much music can you take to heart, anyway?
Is there anybody out there still listening? –It’s killing the art

A nostalgia for the fire
Presence is taken away
By modern day technology –We’re led astray
A nostalgia for the fire
Overdose won’t stimulate
But fade away in apathy –Left in disarray

The first verse I think is self explanatory (but I will explain it anyway). Since the rise of the internet we really don’t need any other medium to acquire our information. But as full of valuable information as it may be, it’s even fuller of distractions. And we can’t know everything, so our minds just get lost in this massive sea of data. Sometimes we even forget what we were looking for in the first place. Our attention spans grow shorter and shorter. We feel we don’t need to remember everything since we can always look stuff up again, and so nobody really develops a specialized skill set anymore. We know a little about a lot, but not a lot about anything. Personally, if I were to have emergency surgery, I would prefer it if the doctor didn’t have to Google the procedure. Yes I am exaggerating, but I’m sure you know what I mean. Specialism equals quality.

The second verse is about relationships with other people. We are creatures that originally lived in social circles that consisted of something between a 100 and a 150 people. These days, we all have hundreds, sometimes even thousands of Facebook ‘friends’, and even more ‘friends’ of ‘friends’ that make up our tribe. And the more people we know, the shallower our contacts become. We couldn’t possibly maintain as many contacts in real life, but still we don’t feel like we’re losing touch, because we can still read each other’s updates, right?
Only a few decades ago, you would go on several dates with a girl to get to know her. Then, after winning her over, you might get a kiss. These days, if you don’t shove your tongue down a girl’s throat the same night that you meet,… you’re probably not that into each other. Relationships have become expendable. We throw them out like old pieces of clothing, constantly chasing the elusive Mr. or Mss. Right. People used to talk about ‘Catching the biggest fish in their pond’. Nowadays, ‘There’s always more fish in the sea’.

Finally, music. Now I’m not going to bitch about illegal downloading and how it ruined the music business. That is a lie. The internet gave people the ability to discover loads of new music they otherwise would never have known. Try before you buy. But the record companies responded to this by releasing a shitstorm of one-dimensional cliché crap music. I’m not just talking about popular music,… it’s everywhere in every genre. Bands/artists that sound like something you already know so that you don’t have to exert yourself to form an opinion. How do you think songs like ‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’ ‘November Rain’ or ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (and yes, ‘Crucified‘!) would fare if they would have been released in today’s music industry? When the music becomes more shallow, so does the way we listen to it. There are a million bands out there, releasing a bazillion songs. We listen to them once, then move on to the next discovery. An invention like Spotify only encourages this. We don’t even have so much as a file on our computer anymore. We can constantly listen to every piece of music ever written,… as long as we can remember what it was again.

I would like to see people be more mindful of these things and be critical in their choices. Call up a friend now and again, or even better: Meet up in real life. Seek out more in-depth knowledge on the things that interest you. Take time to appreciate different art forms. Oh, and feel free to download our album when it is released. Copy it, share it, play it everywhere! The more people know about it, the better. But please listen to it more than once. Allow the music grow on you. Who knows, you might like it,… and then we’ll gladly take all your money.

Next up: Things get all dark and depressing with “Void”!