This is the second song I wrote for my audition for Selfmachine. It’s also one of the two songs that we recorded as promotracks, right after I joined the band. It’s kind of an unusual lyrical theme for me, because usually I write about more personal issues. This one however is quite socially aware and deals with a lot of things that really bother me in society. It’s also full of little references to other stuff. Alright, here we go….

It’s about time we lose this concept
Going through motions without thinking twice
Accepting authority without question
Following orders as we close our eyes

Degrade the human being to numbers, a product.

They don’t want you to do no critical thinking
See rules should serve us, we should not serve rules
Pay no attention to these men behind the curtain
Leading the blind through this world of fools

Reach out your senses
And find a way
To break this isolation

Parliament’s keeping the public afraid where we differ is all that we hear
Keeps us from opening dialogues to find out we have nothing -to fear

This world is lacking sympathy
restrained by synthetic injunctions

Now stand your ground
Broadcast your identity
Make up your own mind and speak

The media broadcasts opinions as fact and they reap from the chaos they sow
Keeping their audience pacified as they regulate all there is -to know

This world is lacking sympathy
Restrained by the structures that feed the machine
This life is not what it should be
Deprived of all human connection

The corporate owners are smiling
As they’re tightening all of the strings
Boldly oppressing the worker bees
And yet always stay clear of the stings
It stinks

Mind your own business – Stand in line

Obedient drones racked and numbered
You’ll be herded (to) where you need to go
When you fall outside parameters
I am sorry, computer says no

Every moment is a separate occasion
Every person has an individual mind
Difference is the only common denominator
No ‘one size fits all’ for these unique designs

So here we are
A million miles apart
Why don’t you come and talk to me

This world is lacking sympathy
Restrained by the structures that feed the machine
This life is not what it should be
Make way for a human connection

This song is about how governments and major corporations seem to take over the lives of ordinary people on a daily basis. We are slaves to the machine so to say. Little systems that are put into place to provide us with comfort, convenience and security, but are really used to monitor our every move, limit our options en ever so gently steer our decision making. Most of these things might not seem important, and you may not care about who knows what brand of peanutbutter you use. But once you start paying attention to the way every bit of personal information is being recorded and sold off,… it’s scary as hell. And the worst part is: If you talk to other people about this,… chances are they’ll think you’re a loon.

Pay no attention to these men behind the curtain” -Is derived from a scene from The Wizard Of Oz. It is a allegory for the puppet government that is seen in America especially. But the same could be said for the Netherlands and most countries around the world, really. There is much more going on behind the curtain than we’ll ever know.

Broadcast your identity” –Hey, isn’t that our album title? Well, yes it is! When Mark first looked over my printed lyric sheet (during my audition), his eyes stopped at that sentence and he said to me “Hey, that would make a good album title!”. After I joined the band he came back to it and it stuck. Telling the world who we are. I guess that’s what a debut album is all about.

I am sorry, computer says no” –Is a famous punchline from  comedy series ‘Little Britain’. It essentially happens all the time: A problem could be solved in seconds, but some system or regulation is in the way. We need to remember that these systems are there to help people, not control their lives. Another great example of this is made in this Dutch commercial.

I really could go on and on about these things. Once I start ranting, it’s hard to stop. So what can you do? Well,… I try to protect my privacy as best I can and rebel in small ways, like by not putting up my real name on Facebook and by regularly trading personalized Albert Heijn bonus cards with random strangers to screw up their databases. Do you think I’m a loon yet?


Next up: More modern-day confusion and social alienation in “Massive Luxury Overdose”!