Hey everybody! Here is Mark, bassist for Selfmachine, and it is my turn to broadcast my identity!

Of course we have been spending a lot of time recording our debut album. I luckily have the luxury to be able to record all the bass tracks at home because we are going to re-amp everything later on. So I just plug into my Focusrite and play some bass. Ben recorded his drum tracks first and I recorded with only those tracks blasting out of my speakers. So no guitars or guide tracks, just drums and bass. I did this because Selfmachine songs rely heavily on the groove and therefore heavily on the bass guitar. With Ben’s recordings already done (he did a freaking amazing job by the way!) I could just lay down the groove better if I didn’t have any other tracks distracting me.

When the album is done you can hear that the riffs differ a lot in timing. Some are laidback, some are fast and some are exactly on the count. These changes even happen within riffs. This creates some awesome grooves!

The recording process itself was heavy and long. All bass riffs are recorded in 3 layers so we can fatten the bass in the mix when we need to. This means that all bass tracks on every song are recorded 3 times. All the added bass lines are also done 3 times but are also doubled one octave above, again 3 times. I also recorded a lot of extra parts like double tap stuff and all kind af parts to extra fatten the accents of the riffs. To top that off I also used my fretless bass for some additional lines, mostly for the soft parts in our ballad and epic closing song of the album. These are two songs we haven’t played live yet, and I promise you we are going to surprise you with these! The recording process obviously took a long time and liters of coffee, but the result is awesome!

Without going into every song on the album I have to say that the recording experience was awesome. The bass parts on this album vary from basic stuff to two hand tapping parts, from 100bpm to 220 bpm and from simple bass lines to wildly progressive stuff I really had to practice for. A song like ‘Smother the Sun’ is fast and heavy but has the beautiful bridge that has the double handed taps in the middle which are a joy to play. A song like Massive Luxury Overdose is a mid tempo song with a great groove and an awesome chorus on the bass guitar. All songs really have their own character making them very cool to play.

For you gearheads out there, I played 3 different basses on the recording, all of them made by Mayones. It’s my privilege that I’m endorsed by my favorite bass builder. Lucky me! I used a Mayones Comodous six string with Bartolini pickups and Aguilar electronics, a custom Mayones Caledonius six string with Bartolini pickups and Taurus electronics and my beautiful fretless custom Mayones Comodous six string with Nordstrand humbuckers and Aguilar electronics. Give Mayones a visit at their website!

– Mark