Hey folks,

Here’s an update from Michael Hansen, rhythm guitarist for Selfmachine.

We have begun recording for our first album: Broadcast Your Identity. I find it very exciting and educational to be part of this band while creating this awesome product.

My guitar is plugged directly into my computer through my Scarlett 2i2. Instead of rocking out with a thick layer of distortion I will record all the parts completely clean and dry. Afterwards I will check them with FX or loop it through my Koch Supernova using a DI to get a good impression. Recording with this dry sound gives me a better insight into what I am doing right or wrong. The sound does take some getting used to, since all these metal riffs of course sound a lot better with the gain cranked open.

Every song I recorded had new surprises and challenges in store for me. Parts that I thought would be easy turned out to have much more variations in timing and feel, while some of the more technically complex riffs came flowing out surprisingly  easy.

Some personal experiences while recording these songs:

Caught in a Loop
This was the first song I recorded. A nice up-tempo and catchy song. The reason I started with this song is because this is one that comes easy to me. During the pre-productions this was also my strongest song. However, this time things did not go as smoothly as I would have liked. I recorded with some wrong settings in my computer. This resulted in me having to start all over again when I was halfway done. So I got off to a pretty bad start.
This song has a cool post-verse/pre-chorus (depending on your outlook on life -SL) with some nice layed back timing. I got the job done, but it took some time to get it right. The bridge of the song is straight up metal. No laybacking here. Just old school metal riffing.

This song is kind of the odd one out of the bunch. Transitions from major to minor chords out of the same root. Up until the bridge the song mostly consists out of chords with some triplet-based licks. The bridge contains some of the first riffs I wrote when I first joined the band. All in all it was a pleasure recording this song.

Breathe To Aspire
This song I consider the essence of Selfmachine. It is the song we used as a demo track to form this band and we have played this song more than any of the others. Because of this, the recording went quite rapidly. It was fun for me to record this song again and try to make it even tighter and groovier than before

Massive Luxury Overdose.

This song took a lot out of me. After I recorded the entire thing, I deleted everything and started all over the next day. It just didn’t feel right. There are so many subtleties in timing in this song, having to play ahead of the time and then switch to layed back, sometimes even within the same riff. This took a lot of concentration, precision and a whole new approach for me to get it right. Anything for the groove.


This is our groovy fun song. It contains a lot of notes, licks and tricks. It is paced at 212 BPM, but you can’t play the riffs to stiffly because you’ll lose the groove. When recording this song I made the same mistake with the settings as with the first song, so I could start again from scratch. It was my own damn fault, but still it sucked big time when I found out. After this I just felt too frustrated and couldn’t concentrate on recording anymore. So I took a day off and started fresh the next day.

The next big challenge ahead of me will be the last song of the album. It is the long and epic ‘Closing Statement’.

– Michael.